An Autumn Sabbath Day

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It’s a Wednesday in early November, and I am declaring today as my sabbath. I have to confess that I’m really bad at taking sabbath time, although I’m really good at encouraging other people to do it. It may seem un-Sabbath-like to create a to-list (after all, aren’t we supposed to rest on the Sabbath!?) but writing helps me to set my intentions, and hold myself accountable so that this un-scheduled time at home today doesn’t get filled with frivolous tasks and a trip to Target.

On this Sabbath day, I will:

-light a candle and diffuse my favorite essential oils to help center myself

-enjoy a shower rather than rushing through it

-finally roast the squash that was given to me by a church member, giving thanks for the harvest and her generosity in sharing

-go outside and rake the leaves- or just go outside

-fold laundry (because it never ends) but do so with a spirit of care and gratitude for the clothes themselves and the people/bodies that wear them

-maybe do the bulletin. Or not. Because this is, after all, a Sabbath day.

I hope your day is filled with moments of intention and blessings. ❤

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