Easter Dresses

Easter morning, April 12th 2020

We were gearing up for Easter 2020 when the world went topsy-turvy. Since Beatrice’s birth on February 5th I was in that (mostly) blissful time: maternity leave. I spent most of my day snuggling my newborn, with the big girls at school and my churches under the care of guest preachers and lay leaders.

Then, COVID-19 came. Suddenly we were all shut away in our homes, on top of one another 24/7. I went from caring for a newborn to caring for a newborn while teaching two children kindergarteners while learning how to virtually shepherds two congregations. It’s been a challenge for everyone, and more often than not at least one person in our home other than Beatrice bursts into tears at some point during the day.

Most of the tears I shed were understandable, especially considering I’m still postpartum. There was one morning, though, that had me sobbing. One realization that put me over the edge: Beatrice didn’t have an Easter dress. None of the girls had an Easter dress, but this was Bea’s FIRST Easter. I fell apart at the seams.

I cried to my sisters who all live three states away. They all said they were sorry. They all said they wished they could give me a hug. Then my youngest sister said: I’m on it.

On Good Friday we received a package in the mail from my mother and sister. Inside was an assortment of gifts for the girls: window art, a craft that looks like a bunny, a book for Auden and Amelia to read to Bea. There were rainbow shortbread cookies packed carefully in Tupperware… and there were dresses. Three matching dresses, in a pattern that seemed familiar. Then I remembered a brief conversation we had had, when she told me she was going to try to make them. The fabric stores are closed, I had said. Well, I have a really pretty set of sheets, she had replied. They’re kind of my favorite.

This Easter my daughters are decked out in dresses, lovingly made from my sister’s bedsheets. While I’m reminded of the scene from The Sound of Music when Maria uses her curtains to make play clothes for the children, I am also reminded of what we believe as Christians: that God makes all things new, and that we will know a follower of Jesus by their love.

Thank you, SaSa and Mimi, for our Easter gift. It’s much more than a dress- it’s a gift born out of love.

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